What Does the Fox Say? Thank YOU!

What Does the Fox Say? Thank YOU!

A local wildlife refuge is looking for a few human hands to help the paws.

FROM CVWR Facebook:

This is Felix and he is a little 6 week old fox kit who recently came into us with some pretty severe injuries. He is one lucky fox! A few more days without help and he might have been too far gone to save but thanks to some incredible homeowners who noticed him and were able to catch him just in time we are hopeful for his future! Thanks to the wonderful staff at Eau Claire Animal Hospital they were able to get him in right away for an emergency surgery to stitch him back together and clean him up before sending him back home to us.

Little Felix is not out of the woods yet and may need additional emergency care but for now he is comfortable and safe to focus on getting better! Taking care of Felix and all of our babies is our top priority but unexpected hospital visits like this are hard on nonprofits like us who rely 100% on donations. We hate to ask but we are in need of some emergency help….We are hoping to raise enough money to at least cover his initial vet costs which came in at $500.00. Please share and donate if you can. It means more to us than you know and allows us to keep being there for animals in need like little Felix. Thank you all so so much.


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