Harris Plans WI Visit

Harris Plans WI Visit

The speech from President Biden is drawing mixed reviews, but there will be a DC connection to Wisconsin soon.


The White House yesterday said Harris will be in town on Tuesday. But no one is saying why she is coming, where she will visit, or what she will do. Those details are expected to come over the next couple of days.

We’ll show you different sides so you can decide. And when it comes to sate reaction, Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Senator didn’t like any of what he heard from President Joe Biden during his speech to Congress.


Senator Ron Johnson last night said the president laid-out a spending plan that the country cannot afford, and called most of America racist. Johnson says the president has failed to make good on his promise to unite the country. President Biden last night proposed a one-point-eight trillion-dollar plan to pay for everything from free child care to free community college.

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