Vaccine Snapshot: WI Nears 2 Million, Recent Doses Drop, Student Rides Offered

Vaccine Snapshot: WI Nears 2 Million, Recent Doses Drop, Student Rides Offered

We will take a look at the public health picture here in Wisconsin.

Nearly two million people in Wisconsin are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The state’s Department of Human Services says just over 600 of them have tested positive for COVID. DHS released the numbers on post-vaccination positives yesterday. The 605 positives amount to point-zero-three percent of all people who are fully vaccinated in the state. Doctors say the numbers are expected, they say no vaccine is 100 percent effective. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM WI DHS.

We could see another large drop in the number of people getting the coronavirus vaccine in Wisconsin this week. The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday reported just over 31-thousand vaccine doses have been handed out this week. Some of that is because it’s early, but some of it is because fewer people want the shot. DHS says doctors and nurses handed out 292-thousand doses last week, that’s down from a peak over almost 420-thousand doses during the first week of the month.

Meanwhile, efforts continue to make accessibility easy.

Students in Eau Claire schools who want the coronavirus shot can now get a ride to the clinic. The city’s school board last night announced a program to give students 16 and older rides to get their shots. The first set of buses took students yesterday, and the next set will go on Friday. Parents don’t need to be there for the shots, but they do need to sign a permission slip.

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