WI Vaccinations Fall, J&J Not Returning Yet

The number of people getting the coronavirus vaccine in Wisconsin is falling.

The state’s Department of Health Services is reporting that doctors and nurses handed-out just 286-thousand doses last week. That is a huge drop. The first week of April saw doctors and nurses hand-out 420-thousand doses. DHS says 42-percent of people in the state have gotten one dose, and another 31-percent of people have gotten both doses of the vaccine. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM WI DHS.

Wisconsin is not among the states resuming use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, at least not yet.

Several states, including Illinois and Iowa, said over the weekend that they are adding the Johnson & Johnson shot back to their coronavirus vaccine stockpiles. Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services has not said anything official yet. The CDC paused the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to look into some very rare blood clotting cases. The CDC cleared the vaccine for reuse on Friday.


We’ll show you different sides so you can decide and Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Senator says if you’ve had the coronavirus you probably don’t need the coronavirus vaccine.

Senator Ron Johnson on Friday said the state and federal governments may not need to vaccinate everyone against the virus. Johnson also questioned why so many people are so insistent on other people getting the shot. Johnson said if you got the vaccine, why do you care what your neighbor does. Johnson says vaccines should be targeted at the people who are most at risk, then offered to anyone who wants one.

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