States Resume J&J Vaccines, India Fights Record Surge

States Resume J&J Vaccines, India Fights  Record Surge

Several states are restarting Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccinations after getting the green light from federal officials. 

New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Nevada and Virginia all plan to immediately restart the shots following a ten-day pause.  The CDC and the FDA gave their approval Friday after an advisory panel said the benefits outweighed the risks.  The agencies halted use of the vaccine on April 13th because of rare blood clots reported in some women. 

Meanwhile, on the world stage India is setting COVID-19 infection records for a fourth straight day. 

Nearly 350-thousand new cases of the coronavirus were reported in India on Saturday, setting a new world record for daily infections.  India also reported it’s highest daily death toll for the ninth straight day, with over 27-hundred deaths from COVID-19. 

Over a million new cases have been reported in the country over the past few days, causing a short supply in hospital beds, oxygen and ventilators.  CNN says bodies have been piling up in morgues, and Indian authorities have been forced to hold mass cremations at makeshift sites. 

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