WI Vaccine Doses Slow, Local Officials Urge Shots

WI Vaccine Doses Slow, Local Officials Urge Shots

Eau Claire’s health director says the choice is up to the people, either get the coronavirus vaccine or wait longer for things to reopen.

Health Director Lieske Giese yesterday said things in the Chippewa Valley will be slow to open as long as the community spread is where it is. She’s urging people to get vaccinated. The state says almost 44-percent of people in Eau Claire County have gotten a shot. Giese said the goal is 80-percent. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM EC CITY CO. HEALTH.

On the state level, Wisconsin’s latest vaccine milestone is coming with a warning.

The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday said doctors and nurses have handed-out just over four-million vaccine doses since the end of last year. But, DHS says interest in the vaccine has slowed. DHS says daily doses have fallen steadily since April 11th. Doses were down by almost 100-thousand last week. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM WI DHS.

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