WI Reacts to Guilty Verdict

WI Reacts to Guilty Verdict

Add Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to the list of people who say the guilty verdict in George Floyd’s death is the right verdict.

The governor yesterday said the verdict is a ‘moment of accountability.’ He then pressed for ‘sustained and systemic change.’ Evers said nothing can bring George Floyd back. He said he’s praying for Floyd’s family and for the entire community.

He’s not the only one speaking out in our state. The Milwaukee Bucks are the most vocal of all of Wisconsin’s sports teams about the verdict in George Floyd’s death. The Bucks, the Brewers, and the Packers yesterday all reacted to the guilty verdict in his death.

The Bucks organization released a statement saying they are ‘encouraged that justice was served’ in the case. Brewers Manager Craig Councel said before yesterday’s game that the verdict is ‘another reminder of how it’s going to change us moving forward. The Packers released a statement, but let their players react. Most of the players said justice has been served, though linebacker Tipa Galea’i tweeted ‘Lock Him Up!’

President Biden calls systemic racism a “stain on our nation’s soul.”

Speaking at the White House, he said “senseless” police killings must stop.  Chauvin is the now-former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of killing George Floyd last May.  Vice President Harris called the verdicts a “sigh of relief.”  She also repeated a call for serious police reforms.  Biden agreed and said systemic racism must be confronted “head on.” 

When it comes to moving forwared, Wisconsin lawmakers are expecting a flood of new police reform proposals.

The Speakers’ Task Force on Racial Disparities ended its seven month run yesterday. The task force produced 17 recommendations on policing, use of force, and criminal justice reform. Republican state Rep. Jim Steineke said many of the proposals will be turned into legislation, and he’s optimistic many of them will become law. Democrat Shelia Stubbs says the task force’s recommendations are not the end of the discussion on police reform, but rather the beginning.

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