Gavel Drops, Dings Evers’ Administration Over Crowd Limits

Gavel Drops, Dings Evers’ Administration Over Crowd Limits

 The Wisconsin Supreme Court says Governor Evers and his health secretary went too far with their order last year limiting crowds at bars, restaurants, and all other ‘indoor venues.’

The court yesterday said the Department of Health Services ignored state law when it issued the 25-percent crowd cap order. The order is no longer in effect, but the ruling makes it clear that Governor Evers doesn’t have unlimited power to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. This is the third time the high court has slapped down the governor’s coronavirus response.

Next up, Governor Tony Evers is going to have to decide if churches in Wisconsin should be treated like liquor stores.


The Wisconsin Senate yesterday approved a plan that would declare churches across the state essential, and make sure they fully reopen. Senator Andre Jacque says liquor stores and abortion clinics were declared essential and allowed to stay open during the coronavirus outbreak, but churches were closed. He said the plan will make it clear that people in Wisconsin have a right to worship, and that the state cannot step on that right.

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