Making Sense of the Mask Mandates

Making Sense of the Mask Mandates

So, mask on? Mask off? We’ll take a look at what has happened today in the Wisconsin courts, and what that means for you and the stash of masks you keep in your car.

The governor’s statewide mask mandate is being struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

The state high court ruled today that Governor Tony Evers exceeded his authority by extending the mandate unilaterally.  The justices say that a public health emergency issued by the governor is valid for just 60 days and thereafter must be approved by the legislature.  With today’s ruling the mandate is lifted immediately.

However that might not change much in your day to day life.

Today’s State Supreme Court reversal of Governor Evers mask mandate does not prohibit towns and counties from making their own rules.  Click here for Eau Claire regulations.

And on the state level, Governor Tony Evers is continuing to urge Wisconsin residents to wear face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

The governor’s mask mandate was challenged by the Republican Legislature and today the Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed that the governor acted beyond his authority in renewing the mandate without the legislature’s approval.  The governor says the fight against COVID-19 isn’t over and while working to get people vaccinated, Wisconsinites still need to mask-up to save lives.

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