Protestors Take to Madison Streets

Protestors Take to Madison Streets

Protestors in Madison call for an end to Asian persecution. 

A group of protestors including the UW-Madison BIPOC Coalition were in the streets of downtown Madison late Thursday, marching from the City-County Building to Capitol Square to make their voices heard.  WMTV says the protestors referred to the sex worker murders earlier this week in Georgia claiming because of Asian bias, the shooter felt at liberty to target Asian sex workers on whom to air out his sexual grievances. We will show you different sides so you can decide, and police in Atlanta say Tuesday’s attacks do not appear to have been racially motivated.

On the national level,  President Biden is condemning violence against Asian Americans during his trip to Atlanta.  Biden and Vice President Harris were in Georgia Friday to address growing concerns in the Asian American community about a rise in hate crimes.  Biden spoke at Emory University on Friday evening and said, “Hate can have no safe harbor in America,” and, “Our silence is complicity.”  Vice President Harris also spoke, and said racism and xenophobia are real in America and always have been.  She vowed that she and the President will speak out against hate crimes wherever and whenever they occur. 

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