EC Health Officials Identify COVID-19 Variant Cases Locally

EC Health Officials Identify COVID-19 Variant Cases Locally

Two additional individuals who recently tested positive for COVID- 19 were found to have the variant strain B.1.1.7. This is the strain that was first discovered circulating widely in England during November and December 2020.

Researchers believe that this new strain spreads more rapidly and easily than the original strain of SARS-CoV-2. The two individuals are unrelated to one another and to the first case of the variant strain detected in Eau Claire County on January 12, 2021. Their only contacts during their infectious periods were other individuals in their households. The individuals have no travel history and no connection with people who had traveled internationally. Both individuals were isolated during their illness and are now done with their isolation period. One individual is a teenager and the other is in their 50s. Neither individual was hospitalized.


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