Trump Acquitted In 2nd Senate Impeachment Trial

Trump Acquitted In 2nd Senate Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump is coming out on top despite the most bipartisan vote to convict a one-time President in an impeachment trial in the nation’s history. 

President pro tempore Patrick Leahy announced the final vote tally.

Seven Republicans voted with all 50 members of the Democratic caucus to convict Trump for inciting the riot inside the Capitol building on January 6th.  Even some of the Republicans who voted to acquit Trump said he was guilty, but decided against voting for conviction because they did not think a former President could be convicted.

 Attorney Bruce Castor said this was a difficult period of time for our country.

Lead House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin told reporters his team defended the Constitution in the impeachment trial of former President Trump. 

He cited the 57 votes to convict Trump, including seven Senate Republicans.  Sixty-seven votes were needed to convict under a two-thirds majority threshold. 

Raskin stressed that Trump was impeached twice by the House and he referred to Trump as a “disgraced” former president.  Trump is the only U.S. president to be impeached twice. 

 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says there is no question that former President Trump is “morally responsible” for the insurrection at the Capitol. 

President Donald Trump

We’ll show you different sides so you can decide, and we are hearing from the man at the center of it all.

Former President Trump is giving his “deepest thanks” to the 43 Senators who voted to acquit him in his second impeachment trial.  Trump accused Democrats of “denigrating” the rule of law and canceling all viewpoints that they disagree with. 

He said, this was just “another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country.”  Trump added that the “historic, patriotic and beautiful” movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun.  He added that he has much to share in the coming months.

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