WI Vaccination Rollout Continues, Walgreens to Distribute

WI Vaccination Rollout Continues, Walgreens to Distribute

Much like national health leaders, our local public health boss says herd immunity is so far away, she’s not even guessing at a month.

City-County Health Director Lieske Giese yesterday said Eau Claire has a while to go before the community develops a herd immunity to the coronavirus. She says vaccinations are going smoothly, though she says there are not enough doses. Giese says Eau Claire County has received only about 20 percent of the doses she’s requested from the state.

When it comes to that distribution, the first coronavirus vaccine doses are arriving at Walgreens across Wisconsin. 

The pharmacy yesterday received the first of nearly 18 thousand doses.  Those doses will be sent to 178 different Walgreens stores throughout the state.  Anyone who is eligible can make an appointment to get the shot.  Appointments must be made through Walgreens’ website, and a CLICK HERE will take you there.

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