Welcome Back Winter

Welcome Back Winter

We are back to the nostril-freezing cold of a Wisconsin winter.

In some areas, the forecast for Saturday overnight calls for a low of negative 13-degrees which will produce a wind chill of negative 25 to negative 35-degrees.  Doctor Jeff Pothof with UW Health says at such temperatures frostbite can happen in 15-to 20-minutes.  On Sunday the high will make it all the way up to three-degrees above zero.  The near zero highs and below zero lows are expected to last most of the rest of next week.


We aren’t alone.  Winter temperatures are gripping large swaths of the U.S.  A wave of cold air hit the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Friday, dropping temperatures to the single digits in Minneapolis and into the teens in Detroit. 

Snow today in Nebraska is expected to move through the Midwest before hitting western New York and New England by the end of the weekend.  Most affected areas are likely to get a few inches of snow.  Another storm system could move through Nebraska and parts of South Dakota before the weekend is over with another right behind it early in the week.

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