Down But Not Done

Down But Not Done

Down, but not done. That’s the message from local leaders when it comes to Coronavirus in our area.

Eau Claire County is still seeing a very high number of new COVID cases each day.

The Eau Claire City-County Health Department says the rate of positive tests and cases has improved, but the county is still seeing an average 25-new cases per day. The department says the goal for community cases is ten-per day. They say people can slow the spread by wearing masks, staying six feet apart, washing hands frequently, and getting tested. 

A road trip to Chippewa County shows us that they’re vaccinating more people than before.

Director of Public Health Angela Weideman said yesterday more than 15-hundred vaccinations had been given in the last week. The county has a goal of one-thousand vaccinations per week. Weideman said they’re working to schedule appointments for the shots, but demand is higher than supply now. 

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