WI DHS Reports Over 2K New COVID-19 Cases

WI DHS Reports Over 2K New COVID-19 Cases

The Wisconsin Department of Health reports nearly 22-hundred new COVID-19 cases.

Today’s date also confirms 45 new deaths statewide.  The death toll in Wisconsin due to the coronavirus stands at five-thousand-607 residents.  There have been over 528-thousand cases since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago.


On the national level, Dr. Anthony Fauci calls the coronavirus outbreak an ongoing and very serious situation.  The NIH veteran told White House reporters that the outbreak may be “plateauing.”  He said scientists are paying very close attention to virus mutations but said people should still plan on getting vaccinated. 

Fauci insisted that vaccines are effective against mutations.  Fauci is considered the nation’s leading authority on infectious diseases.  He said President Biden is committed to transparency, science and evidence.

Meantime, Fauci said the new President’s goal of getting 100 million people vaccinated in 100 days is “quite a reasonable goal.”  Biden has been very critical of the Trump administration’s rollout of vaccines across the U.S.  Fauci said the new administration is not starting from scratch and will take parts of the early approach, “amplifying it in a big way.”  He also urged all Americans to wear facemasks and to do so properly, saying facemasks work.  

Dr. Fauci gives an estimate on when things may turn around for the U.S.

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