WI Requests More Vaccine Doses; Addresses Phase Rollout

WI Requests More Vaccine Doses; Addresses Phase Rollout

Wisconsin’s governor is asking the federal government for more coronavirus vaccine doses.

Governor Tony Evers and seven other Democratic governors wrote a letter on Friday asking for a share of doses that are being held in reserve. The request for more vaccine doses comes when Wisconsin hasn’t even used half of what it already has. As of Friday, the state’s Department of Health Services reported that doctors in the state have administered 123-thousand of the 266-thousand doses sent to the state. Wisconsin has been allocated 420-thousand doses, though not all of those have been sent.

When it comes to distribution of those doses, we could soon know who will be next in line to get the coronavirus in Wisconsin.

The state’s vaccine distribution subcommittee could vote on Phase 1b tomorrow. There are several suggestions as to who is next in line, including frontline workers and other essential employees. There are some in Madison who want to see the vaccine sent to jails and prisons rather than just to the state’s nursing homes and other care facilities.

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