Meetings Planned for Local Mask Mandate

Meetings Planned for Local Mask Mandate

To mask or not to mask? That could soon be the question here in our area.

The following is more information from Eau Claire leaders:

As our community continues to respond to the ongoing pandemic, Eau Claire City-County Board of Health, Eau Claire City Council, and Eau Claire County Board have partnered to identify actions that may be needed to protect the well-being of our residents, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare, and other community partners.

One evidence-based community strategy is the use of facemasks in public spaces. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is currently considering the Governor’s legal ability to declare multiple emergency declarations for the same emergency. If the court determines multiple emergency declarations cannot be issued, then the requirement for the use of masks will no longer be in place across Wisconsin. Additionally, the current State mandate ends January 19th and the Governor has not given an indication of whether there will be a continuing State order if it is legally permissible.

If there is no State mandate for facemask use, the City and County will consider taking action to mandate masks in our community. The proposed legislation requires the use of masks by individuals and requires buildings with public access to post signage requiring the use of masks in indoor spaces.


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