D.C. Preps for Protests

D.C. Preps for Protests

President Trump says a big protest rally will take place in Washington, DC on Wednesday when Congress certifies Joe Biden’s election victory. 

Trump tweeted on Friday that the “Stop the Steal” rally will take place at 11am on January 6th, and promised it would “be wild.”  The tweet did not provide location details, but the National Park Service has reportedly received three permit applications to protest the election results. 

The DC Metropolitan Police Department has said there will be multiple street closures in Washington on Tuesday and Wednesday for “public safety.” 

In other developments, a federal judge is tossing another election lawsuit brought forth by Republicans. Matt Mattenson reports. 

Members of the right-wing group the Proud Boys are planning to take part in the rallies for President Trump in Washington, DC on January 6th.  Jim Forbes has more.

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