Here We Go…

Here We Go…

Hey, it’s NOT 2020 anymore! The new year is here. 

From the celebrations, to the resolutions. From the health tips, to the words we want to forget, scroll on for dip into the first few moments of 2021.

Millions of Americans from coast to coast rang in 2021 at midnight, finally putting 2020 in the rearview mirror.  Dean Miuccio has more about what that looked like around the world:

In London, barriers were erected in Trafalgar Square, and police on horseback cleared out small crowds near Big Ben.

So, do you start any of those resolutions today, kick the can until Monday, or scrap them all together? If you DO have plans to make changes, maybe not so fast on the kale and greens smoothie to start the day.

 Health experts say a lot of New Year’s resolutions fail because people are not specific about their health goals.  NBC’s Liz McLaughlin reports on high-tech ways to stay fit in 2021.

The website Eat This, Not That recently asked doctors to share what they consider to be the worst New Year’s resolutions.  The doctors said the number-one worst resolution was saying “I want to eat healthier” without knowing what that means. 

They said your resolution should be more specific about what changes you need to make to your diet.  Other bad resolutions, the doctors say, include having a vague exercise goal, quitting smoking “cold turkey,” and making too many resolutions.

As we get ready to move ahead into a new year, there are some things we are eager to leave behind.  COVID-19 is at the top of the 2021 Banished Words List from Lake Superior State University. 

Faculty at the university in Michigan say that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, and seven of the top ten this year are connected to it.  Dean Miuccio has the details.

Here’s hoping that whatever the first day of 2021 looks like for you that you are already feeling the boost of better days ahead.


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