WI COVID-19 Snapshot: Vaccine Doses Arrive, DHS Data Page, Active Cases Drop

The first doses of the coronavirus vaccine are arriving in nursing homes in western Wisconsin.

Both CVS and Walgreens are distributing the vaccines. There is no word just how many doses are available locally. The state’s Department of Health Services says there will be nearly 60 thousand doses available for nursing homes statewide.

If you are interested in following the stats, a new COVID-19 vaccine data page is now available on a Department of Health Services website.  The page tracks the number of vaccines given and the number of vaccines shipped to the state.  The first phase of inoculations now underway includes healthcare workers and nursing home residents and staff.  So far the state has administered over 47-thousand doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

When it comes to the current Coronavirus snapshot in our state, the number of ‘active’ coronavirus cases in Wisconsin is at its lowest level in months.

The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday reported just over 23 hundred new positives yesterday. That brings the total since March to over 474 thousand positives, but 93 percent of those people have been declared fully recovered. That means that just six percent of those 474 thousand, or about 29 thousand people, are considered ‘active’ cases.

Many of those people will be declared recovered when their two weeks of isolation or quarantine ends.

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