Log On to Check for Checks

Log On to Check for Checks

Coronavirus relief payments could already be in some Americans’ bank accounts. 

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Tuesday direct deposits could start being deposited last night.  Paper checks will begin being sent out today.  The 600-dollar payments are meant to help boost the economy amid the downturn caused by the pandemic.  The House voted Monday to increase those payments to two-thousand-dollars, but that move faces an uncertain future in the Senate.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden is laying out a number of strategies to fight the coronavirus pandemic and get more vaccines out.  Biden spoke from Delaware, but first said things are going to get worse before they improve.

Biden added his administration will pursue every possible effort to make sure Americans get vaccinated.  He reiterated the goal of accomplishing 100-million shots during his first 100 days. 

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