Hello, My Name Is…

Hello, My Name Is…

What’s in a name? Ask Madeline, Brynlee and Hadley. Or Henry, Brooks and Jack. Those names topped the lists of babies born at Mayo Clinic Health System locations in Northwest Wisconsin in 2020.

As of Dec. 11, the number of babies born, popular names and busiest months for births by location are:

Mayo Clinic Health System — Northland in Barron, Wisconsin

There were 103 births ― 48 girls and 55 boys. The busiest month was October, with 18 births. Top names were:

Girls·         Amelia, Naomi and Ophelia (tie, 2 each)Boys·         Henry, Jackson, Liam and Mason (tie, 2)

Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire

There were 977 births ― 472 girls and 505 boys. The busiest month was May, with 104 births. Top names were:

Girls· Madeline(8), Brynlee, Ellie, Hadley, Natalie and Nora (tie, 7)  Charlotte and Everly (tie,6) Addison, Nova and Olivia (tie, 5)Boys· Henry (8)· Brooks, Jack and Owen (tie, 7), Asher, Leo, Theodore and William (tie, 6)·  Hudson, Jaxon, Levi and Liam (tie, 5)

Mayo Clinic Health System — Red Cedar in Menomonie, Wisconsin

There were 205 births ― 98 girls and 107 boys. The busiest month was September, with 28 births. Top names were:

Evelyn and Nora (tie, 4)·  Adalyn (3)· Harmony and Neveah (tie, 2)
Jackson and Levi (tie, 4)·  Alexander and Easton (tie, 3), Avery, Landon, Lincoln, Silas, Steven and William (tie, 2)

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