President Trump Expected to Put Pen to Paper For New Relief Package

President Trump Expected to Put Pen to Paper For New Relief Package

 A new coronavirus relief package is heading to President Trump’s desk. 

Congress passed the 900-billion-dollar measure Monday night as part of a larger spending package.  The package includes 600-dollar direct payments to millions of Americans.  Those payments are expected to go out as soon as next week.  Unemployed workers will also be getting extended benefits of 300 dollars a week.  President Trump is expected to sign the measure.

And we will look at different sides so you can decide.

President-elect Joe Biden is cheering the bipartisan agreement on a new coronavirus relief package.  Jim Forbes has more.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is opening the door for more coronavirus relief once Joe Biden becomes President. 

The Kentucky Republican also insisted healthcare providers and universities need a liability shield.  He said he’ll push for that if a new relief bill is considered.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says one critical provision must be included if another coronavirus relief bill makes its way through Congress in the future.

Here in our area, reaction is lukewarm. Western Wisconsin’s congressman wanted a little more out of the latest coronavirus stimulus plan. Congressman Ron Kind yesterday voted for the relief package that will provide more unemployment help, loans for businesses, and direct payments to most Americans.

Kind says the only problem is that those 600 dollar direct payments will likely not be enough to help most people in western Wisconsin. Click below for more with Jon DeMaster and 715 Newsroom coverage:

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