COVID-19 Vaccines Starting to Ship

COVID-19 Vaccines Starting to Ship

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine starts shipping today. 

Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said initially the vaccine will be shipped via FedEx in packages with a GPS transmitter and temperature sensor.

Trucks carrying coronavirus vaccine are leaving the Pfizer manufacturing plant.  NBC News’ Allison Barber says it’s unclear where the trucks will go first.

Several UPS and FedEx 18 wheelers rolled out of the company’s facility near Kalamazoo, Michigan this morning as nationwide distribution of the vaccine begins.  The shipments are being escorted by U.S. Marshals.  Workers will then load the vaccine onto aircraft that will shuttle them to UPS and FedEx cargo hubs in Kentucky and Tennessee. 

Doctor Matt Anderson with UW Health says to start with, the state’s Department of Health Services will handle the distribution of four thousand doses to vaccinators in south central Wisconsin.  He says around two thousand doses are expected to be administered to people via UW Health in the first round beginning next week.

When it comes to supply, BioNTech is ramping up production of its coronavirus vaccine.  Lisa Taylor has more:

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