Gov. Evers Logs Off Online Choices, Chippewa Plans to Return Elementary Students

The little birds will fly back into the nest, while the older Cards will stay put.

Superintendent Jeff Holmes sent a letter to parents yesterday explaining the decision to return elementary school kids in Chippewa Falls back to in person classes after the first of the year while older kids will stay online. He says kids under 12 don’t have the same chance to catch or spread the coronavirus as older kids, so it’s safer to bring them back to class. They will return on January 4th. Junior high and high school students will learn from home until at least January 21st.


That seems to run in line with what the message from our Capitol is.

Wisconsin’s governor says not every school in the state got it right in deciding whether to teach online this year. Governor Evers yesterday admitted some of the decisions to go online only were sloppy. He told reporters that online learning has worked for some schools and hasn’t worked for others.

The governor says he has intentionally been hands-off on whether kids should be in school or at home. He says that’s up to local schools.

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