Dane Co. Recount Expected to Wrap Up Sunday

Dane Co. Recount Expected to Wrap Up Sunday

The Dane County election vote recount is expected to conclude this Sunday.

In a tweet Friday, county clerk Scott McDonnell said the count was around 65-percent complete.  The election vote count in Dane County is projected to be officially certified on December 1st.  

The Board of Elections certified the count in Milwaukee County on Friday.

As the work continues, President Trump is defending his push for a recount in Wisconsin despite a disappointing outcome in one county recount. 

Trump said on Twitter that the recount isn’t about “finding mistakes in the count” so much as finding illegally cast votes, of which Trump says there are many.  In Milwaukee County, the recount there didn’t do anything to help Trump’s vote total, instead it gave Joe Biden a net gain of 132 votes. 

Trump’s campaign paid three-million-dollars for recounts in Milwaukee and Dane counties.  Biden won Wisconsin by around 20-thousand votes.

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