Biden Team Moves Forward, WI Election Recount Continues

Biden Team Moves Forward, WI Election Recount Continues

President-elect Joe Biden is announcing picks for his cabinet, including the first Latino and immigrant to head Homeland Security. Biden’s camp says the President-elect will nominate Alejandro Mayorkas as Homeland Security Secretary.

Biden is also picking former Deputy CIA Director Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence and wants former Secretary of State John Kerry to be the Climate Change Czar.

A peek around the country shows us that President-elect Joe Biden is now officially the winner in Michigan as the Board of State Canvassers has voted 3-0 with one abstention to certify the results.  Republican Norm Shinkle chose to abstain and cited issues in Detroit. 

Biden beat President Trump by 154-thousand votes.

Republican Board of State Canvassers member Aaron Van Langevelde voted to certify the election.

Here in our state, the people counting the ballots again in Milwaukee and Madison have found only a few new votes. The state’s presidential recount ended its fourth day yesterday.

Clerks in Milwaukee and Dane counties both say the count is slow but steady. There have been no major revelations in the recount so far. Milwaukee’s election managers say they have not rejected a single ballot yet. Counters are setting-aside thousands of ballots. The clerks have ordered that ballots from voters who claimed to be indefinitely confined on Election Day should be counted, but kept separate.

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