WI Drivers Revving Up for Winter Months

WI Drivers Revving Up for Winter Months

Despite our recent weather reprieve, Wisconsinites know that winter is coming.

Weather is one of the key factors why traffic crashes tend to peak in Wisconsin during the winter months. Last year, there were 26,774 crashes on snow/ice-covered roads in Wisconsin resulting in injuries to 5,646
people and 56 fatalities.

The Wisconsin State Patrols November Law of the Month highlights steps
drivers should take to prepare themselves and their vehicles to safely navigate the winter driving season.

A primary factor behind many crashes and slide-offs is drivers who are going too fast for conditions, Wisconsin State Patrol Lieutenant Les Mlsna of the Northwest Region, Eau Claire Post said. Stay off roads if possible during severe winter storms. If you must travel, be sure to remove all frost, ice
or snow from vehicle windows, buckle up, watch your speed and allow plenty of following distance. CLICK HERE TO HEAT UP MORE WINTER DRIVING TIPS!

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