WI Counties Continue to Count

WI Counties Continue to Count

About two thirds of counties in Wisconsin are done with their vote canvasses.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission yesterday said 49 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have wrapped-up, but the state’s largest counties are still checking their ballots. Once the canvases are complete, President Trump can request a recount. The deadline to finish the vote canvass is next Tuesday. Joe Biden currently has a lead of over 20 thousand votes in the state.

When it comes to reaction, two familiar names are chiming in with their thoughts on a recount.


A recount isn’t going to flip Wisconsin.

Former Governor Scott Walker yesterday said he is advising the Trump campaign about what to do in Wisconsin, and says he’s told them a recount is not going to change the outcome of last week’s election. Walker said unless something changes with the canvass, which determines if ballots were properly cast, simply counting the votes again is not going to give President Trump a victory in Wisconsin.


On the other side, Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. senator is asking people to come forward with information about voter fraud.

Senator Ron Johnson yesterday shared the federal whistleblower’s tip line for anyone who knows anything about suspicious behavior regarding last week’s election. Johnson says questions about possible malfeasance in a Pennsylvania Post Office have him looking for other possible problems. He says any postal worker who knows about suspicious activity with absentee or

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