A Peek Into Politics: Biden Transition Team Preps, Trump Team Pushes Back

A Peek Into Politics: Biden Transition Team Preps, Trump Team Pushes Back

Starting a new week, we will take a quick look at the big picture of American Politics.

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team gets to work today.  The first order of business will be naming a team of scientists and experts to work on a plan to control the coronavirus pandemic.  The team’s goal is to have a plan to put into action on Inauguration Day.  NBC’s Mike Memoli reports.

This week the transition team will also start laying the groundwork for reviewing various federal agencies.  The transition team has already launched its full website and social media accounts. 

Two days after President-elect Joe Biden locked down more than 270 electoral votes to win the White House, four states are still counting ballots.  Biden has slight leads in Arizona and Georgia while President Trump is ahead in Alaska and North Carolina. 

Even if Trump wins all four states when all the votes are counted, he can’t pick up enough electoral votes to win re-election, but that isn’t where it ends.

There’s a report President Trump is thinking about going on the road in his fight against the election results denying him a second term.  Dean Miuccio has more.

Axios reports Trump plans to hold campaign-style rallies to spread his claims that the election was stolen from him.  He also will produce obituaries of people who supposedly voted in the election last week.  Trump’s team is also moving to filing a slew of lawsuits to dispute the results.  

Here’s the Road To The White House. CLICK HERE TO HEAR AN OVERVIEW:

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