A Snapshot of American Politics

A Snapshot of American Politics

As all eyes seem to be on America, we will look at a few sides so you can decide.

President-elect Joe Biden says the whole world is watching America.  In his victory speech last night Biden said the world relies on the U.S. to lead, and that America never gives up. 


The President-elect said it’s always a bad idea to bet against America, and that its people are good.  He also said he’ll get to work immediately, and will appoint a coronavirus task force by Monday.

 For the most part, President-elect Joe Biden steered clear of mentioning President Trump in his victory speech Saturday night in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Matt Mattenson reports.


Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is thanking Joe Biden for having the courage to pick a woman to be his running mate and says Americans fought for their ideals and then went to the polls.

On the other side of the ticket, as President-elect Joe Biden claims victory in Wilmington, Delaware Saturday night, President Trump and his re-election campaign are still moving forward with a series of legal fights across a number of battleground states.  Jim Forbes has more:


As the world watched and our nation reacted, here in our state, supporters of Joe Biden celebrate after several national media outlets declare him as President-elect yesterday.  A group of people with Biden-Harris campaign flags and signs gathered in Capitol Square Saturday morning while others drove around the square in their vehicles sounding their horns. 

Another group of Trump supporters was present nearby.  There were some shouting matches back and forth between the two groups.  No arrests were made.

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