Groups Rally in Madison, U.S. Vote Counts Continue

Groups Rally in Madison, U.S. Vote Counts Continue

Two protest groups make their views known near the state Capitol building. 

On Friday afternoon there was a “Stop The Steal” rally by those who call for a vote recount in Wisconsin.  Additionally, protesters with Black Lives Matter showed up to bring attention to their cause for racial and social justice. 

Some shouting back and forth between the groups took place but no flareups of violence were reported.  No arrests were made.

When it comes to the current situation and the race for the White House:

Joe Biden is calling for patience as vote counting continues in the presidential election.  The Democratic nominee stopped short of declaring victory in last night’s speech from his hometown in Delaware, but said he will win the presidency. 

Biden said he’s beating President Trump by more than four-million votes nationwide, but advised patience as vote counting continues in a handful of battleground states.  Biden is holding a lead in Pennsylvania, which would put him over the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the White House.


The U.S. Supreme Court says Pennsylvania elections officials should be keeping late-arriving mail-in ballots separate from other ballots.  The Commonwealth’s secretary of state has already ordered officials to do that.  Justice Samuel Alito says it’s not known that all ballot counting centers are complying with that guidance.  Those late-arriving ballots could number in the thousands. 

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