You Can’t Spell “Winter” Without WI

You Can’t Spell “Winter” Without WI

Wisconsin winters can bring beautiful snowfalls and great opportunities for outdoor recreation. They can also result in dangerously cold temperatures and icy conditions. To help encourage everyone to be prepared for the months ahead, Gov. Tony Evers has declared Nov. 9-13 Winter Awareness Week in Wisconsin.

During Winter Awareness Week, ReadyWisconsin encourages everyone to learn about risks common to winter months. Be prepared for snow and icy conditions that could impact travel on roadways, make sure you have emergency kits in your vehicle and at home, and ensure your home and vehicle are prepared for the extreme cold temperatures the state often experiences.

Winter emergency kits should include items such as food, water, a flashlight and batteries, and blankets. In your vehicle, include a snow shovel, extra gloves and hats, face masks, and kitty litter or sand to help give your wheels traction on icy roads in case you get stuck.


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