WI Facing Vote Recount?

WI Facing Vote Recount?

The fight for Wisconsin’s ten Electoral College votes continues. 

President Trump’s campaign says it is requesting a recount in Wisconsin alleging irregularities, but did not cite any circumstances.  Because the margin of Joe Biden’s victory is more than a-quarter-percent, the losing candidate must pre-pay the estimated cost of the recount at the time of the request. 

The request cannot come until after the last county reports it certified results to the state which could be as late as November 17th.  The state’s chief elections official today also dispelled several rumors including that there were absentee votes found in the middle of the night and that Wisconsin had more votes than registered voters.

What about the candidates? We look at both sides so you can decide:


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says each ballot must be counted in the unresolved presidential contest. 

Speaking in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said the process is working.  He urged all voters to remain calm.  The former VP noted that democracy is sometimes messy and requires patience.  He again expressed optimism about prevailing in the presidential race.  President Trump’s camp has been busy plotting and filing lawsuits in a number of battleground states.

President Donald Trump

When it comes to the President, could we be looking even further ahead than this term? Former acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney says President Trump is likely to run in 2024 if he loses this year’s election.  Tom Roberts has more.

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