Where Are We Now?

Where Are We Now?

 The presidential race in Wisconsin has been called, but it might not be over.

President Trump’s campaign yesterday promised to ask for a recount in the state. Joe Biden has a 20-thousand vote lead and has been declared the winner of Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes. 

Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator Meagan Wolfe says she’s confident a recount will show that Wisconsin counted, and accounted for every single one of the three-point-two-million votes that were cast Tuesday. Wolfe says Wisconsin has a solid elections system, and a recount will prove that.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is confident that he is on the path to the presidency.  Speaking in Delaware, Biden cited trends in the battleground states including here in Wisconsin, as well as Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

 But as of today, the race for the White House remains undecided. 

NBC’s Alice Barr reports.

If Biden wins Pennsylvania, it gives him enough electoral votes to win it all. 

Without Pennsylvania, a win in Arizona would push his electoral vote total to 264, just six short of the 270 needed.  Biden had a slim lead in Nevada as counting continued yesterday evening.  Nevada has six electoral votes and election officials there say they don’t expect to report further results until later today.

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