WI National Guard Called for Election Duty

WI National Guard Called for Election Duty

Attorney General Josh Kaul is promising to drop the hammer on anyone who tries to intimidate voters next week.

Kaul yesterday said the state’s Department of Justice will ‘vigorously prosecute’ anyone who tries to influence the election through threats or violence. Kaul is not saying if there are specific threats or specific groups that he is targeting. The A-G says voter intimidation includes threats of violence, showing any kind of weapon, wearing official looking uniforms, blocking the entrance to the polls, or following voters.

The Wisconsin National Guard will once again be on election duty. Governor Tony Evers yesterday called-up 400 troops to help as poll workers next week. Some 24 hundred guardsmen worked the polls during Wisconsin’s April election.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said yesterday that most local election managers in the state have enough poll workers of their own. The troops will get some election training this weekend, and be ready at the polls on Tuesday.

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