President Trump Rallies in West Salem

President Trump Rallies in West Salem

President Trump said the enthusiasm in Wisconsin doesn’t feel like he’s looking at a defeat. The President rallied a crowd of thousands in West Salem yesterday, that’s in La Crosse County.

President Trump

The President said he is expecting a red wave next week. President Trump carried western Wisconsin four years ago, and he is expected to carry the area with ease again this year.

President Trump says Biden wants to end cash bail.

President Trump is not only taking credit for ending the nights of violence in Kenosha back in August, but he says he saved the city.

The President told a crowd in his stop that he saved Kenosha. The President says Joe Biden didn’t want to send the National Guard to the city, but Trump did. And the President said those troops saved the city from violent rioters who wanted to burn Kenosha down.

On the other side of the ticket, the Biden campaign is planning a visit to Wisconsin this week. We will keep you posted on dates and times for that event.

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