One Week to Election Day. WI Gets Political Attention

One Week to Election Day. WI Gets Political Attention

All eyes are going to be on western Wisconsin today, and a week from now.

President Trump has a rally scheduled for La Crosse today. It is just his latest visit to Wisconsin, and his latest visit to western Wisconsin. The president carried the western part of the state four years ago and is looking to do the same this year. Some Trump supporters lined-up last night to make sure they got a spot at today’s rally. In addition, Pence’s wife Karen and Donald Trump Jr. will both be in the state today.

We look to the other side of the ticket and now know that Joe Biden is coming to Wisconsin, but just where and when remains to be seen.

Biden’s campaign yesterday said the Democratic presidential candidate will be visiting Wisconsin this week. The trip will be Biden’s second visit to Wisconsin this year. He was in Kenosha in early September.

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