Dr. Birx Visits WI; UW Vaccine Testing Resumes

Dr. Birx Visits WI; UW Vaccine Testing Resumes

 White House COVID-19 Task Force member Doctor Deborah Birx discusses containment of the disease in Madison. 

Doctor Birx was in town yesterday where she met with state lawmakers and University of Wisconsin system  officials regarding COVID-19 testing and related issues. Doctor Birx would like to enlist the participation of the UW system to test all students, those on campus and off, to gauge the incidence of asymptomatic spread in the community.

Pharmaceutical company Astra-Zeneca resumes COVID-19 vaccine trials which include those at UW.  The company suspended testing of its version of a COVID-19 vaccine back in September due to a trial participant in the UK falling ill. Since then a worldwide review by health officials has shown the test vaccine was not responsible for the participant’s illness allowing the trials to resume.

UW Health and UW School of Medicine will begin to contact study participants after the green light to continue was announced yesterday.

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