Gavel Drops. WI Crowd Limit Order Returns

Gavel Drops. WI Crowd Limit Order Returns

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is happy with a judge’s ruling on bar limits. 

The governor tweeted today the now-restored limits will protect people from coronavirus  while also asking people to wear masks and limit travel.  A judge said today the Tavern League of Wisconsin and two bars couldn’t prove they were harmed by the gathering limits because they didn’t prove they were following them.

The capacity limits order was issued October 6th in the face of surging coronavirus cases, but a judge blocked it after Tavern League of Wisconsin challenged it. 

Today, Barron County Judge James Babler declined the Tavern League’s request to keep the ruling on hold while the lawsuit is pending.  Babler said this “critically important ruling” will help prevent the spread of the virus because “this crisis is urgent.”

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