President Trump Rallies in Janesville

President Trump Rallies in Janesville

President Trump brings his 2020 Campaign to Janesville where he spoke before thousands during a rally.  The event took place yesterday evening outside the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport.  Staffers took rally goers’ temperatures and distributed facemasks. 

According to multiple media outlets, not many people at the rally wore the masks nor observed social distancing.

 During the rally, President Trump was criticizing the Democratic governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, for coronavirus restrictions at the same time the state is seeing a spike in cases. 

Wisconsin has the fourth biggest increase in cases as the nation is undergoing a third wave of coronavirus cases.  Governor Tony Evers has had to fight a number of lawsuits challenging his restrictions.

Additional audio:

President Trump goes through states that have had surges.

President Trump predicts a big rally next year.

We will show you other sides so you can decide. Along with the supporters there were those on the other side of the aisle.

COVID Survivors for Change and Opportunity Wisconsin welcomed President Trump to Janesville with an outdoor memorial dedicated to the over 1,500 lives lost across Wisconsin to COVID-19.

The tribute, which consisted of 1,500 empty chairs, was erected to remember those killed by the virus, and also as a statement to President Trump and what the groups feel is a failure to lead during this health crisis.

Visitors were able to read stories from Wisconsinites personally impacted by COVID-19, in addition to a message that lined the perimeter of the memorial.

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