WI Election Commission Looking into Poll Worker Shortages

WI Election Commission Looking into Poll Worker Shortages

The head of Wisconsin’s Election Commission hopes not to need the National Guard to pull-off next month’s election.

Election Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe yesterday said about 50 communities are short poll workers, but most are short just a few. She said local election managers should be able to handle the flood of voters on Election Day. Wolfe also said there shouldn’t be long lines in Milwaukee and Green Bay like there were on Election Day in April. She said most cities and towns will have their polls fully open in November.

Here locally, the city of Menomonie is on the Wisconsin Election Commission’s watch list. The commission yesterday said Menomonie is one of the communities in Wisconsin most at need of poll workers. WEC Administrator Meagan Wolfe said Menominie needs at least 15 poll workers. There are about 50 communities in the state that are short for Election Day, but most are short by just a few people.

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