Gavel Drops, Ballots Due

Gavel Drops, Ballots Due

All ballots in Wisconsin are due by the end of the day on Election Day. A federal appeals court yesterday ruled that a Madison-based federal judge should not have said absentee ballots that come-in up to six days late would be counted. The appeals court says judges are not supposed to change election laws so close to Election Day.

The new decision means the nearly two million people who are expected to vote absentee in Wisconsin must get their ballots in the mail with enough time to get them back to local election managers by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

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Locally, there is a new drop option. Voters in Menomonie now have a ballot drop-off box. The city opened the box yesterday. It’s located just outside of city hall. The idea is to give people who are voting absentee another way to get their ballot back before Election Day.

Menomonie Mayor Randy Knaack says the box is under 24 hour surveillance. He said that voters can trust ballots will be safe and counted once they turn them in.

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