Make it Your Business…

Make it Your Business…

Despite current challenges, the entrepreneur and start-up spirit are alive and well in the Downtown Eau Claire business community.

After the competition last year, the eligibility was expanded to allow businesses who opened in the downtown since last year’s application period to apply in addition to those looking to get started in the next year.

As a result, seven applicants entered and ultimately three were chosen as winners.

Grand Prize Winner sponsored by Royal Credit Union: Forage

Owner, Meredith Kervin Blankenheim
Although the name Forage might be familiar to you, the new owner and services she plans to offer are something you need to know more about. Sole owner, Meredith Kervin Blankenheim, will continue to offer a commercial kitchen and midsize event space, but she will also be selling products from local artisans. The new Forage space at 403. S Barstow Street is set to open later in October and will be a must-stop location while strolling in Downtown Eau Claire.  Learn more about Forage 

Honorable Mention Winner: Seven Suns Vintage

Owner, Savannah Smith

If you’re looking for clothing that will make you stand out while being environmentally conscious, Seven Suns Vintage has you covered. Owner, Savannah Smith, opened her doors at 305 S. Barstow Street this June and offers wearable treasures primarily from the 60s and following decades. Her goal is to offer an inviting space with a variety of sizes and styles to make sure everyone has access to vintage wear.

Learn more about Seven Suns Vintage

Innovative Idea Winner: Ifs and Buts Candy and Nuts

Owner, Greg Clark

On a stroll through Downtown Eau Claire last year, Greg and Tammy Clark noticed that although there are several places to get sweet treats, our community is missing one important offering – a traditional candy shop! The business name is an ode to the famous saying that Greg’s grandmother would use and they aim to keep the family connection going by running it with their kids.  They are still securing a location and financing.

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