WI Seeks COVID-19 Cases Spike, VP Pence Talks Vaccine

WI Seeks COVID-19 Cases Spike, VP Pence Talks Vaccine

Wisconsin’s public health managers are not saying how many of the swell of people in the hospital with the coronavirus are from college campuses and college towns.

The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday reported 530 people are in the hospital with the virus. That is the most ever for the state. Of those 530, 151 are in the ICU. Wisconsin has seen a spike in coronavirus positives this month, and almost all of them have come as students reporting back to UW campuses. DHS does not track the age of the people who are hospitalized because of the virus.

 Vice President Mike Pence says the development of a COVID-19 vaccine started before many Americans had even heard of coronavirus.

Speaking at an event in Eau Claire, Pence says it should be ready before the end of the year, setting a record for the speed of vaccine development.  He says before the first documented case of the virus in the U.S., President Trump blocked all travel from China. 

He praised Trump for saving American lives and launching the largest national mobilization since World War Two.  Pence’s comments come amid concern development of a vaccine could be politically motivated, and rushed before it’s both safe and effective in light of the upcoming election.

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