Local FireArms Range Releases Reopening Plan

Local FireArms Range Releases Reopening Plan

We now have a follow up on a case from earlier this month.

It was on Tuesday September 8, 2020, when the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department received a report of multiple bullet holes in a detached pole shed and a single bullet in a John Deere combine. This incident occurred approximately a mile south of the Chippewa County FireArms Range.

The Sheriff’s Department investigated the “criminal damage complaint”, and on Friday, September 11th provided a report to the Department of Administration – Facilities & Parks Division and in the best interest of public safety, the Chippewa County FireArms Range was closed on that day and it was determined that the FireArms Range would remain closed until
further investigations could be completed, and the Chippewa County Facilities & Parks Committee had an opportunity to meet and review the incident.

Most recently, a Special Facilities & Parks Committee Meeting was held on Tuesday, September 22nd to discuss the incident and a proposed FireArms Range Reopening Plan. The Facilities & Parks Committee approved
the following:
• The immediate opening of the FireArms Range to Law Enforcement Training, Hunters Education and Private Firearms Training Organizations, all of which must have a state certified firearms instructor, safety officer or range master present at each scheduled event.
• The opening of the FireArms Range to the public once a number of corrective action items have been implemented;
• The Installation of multiple surveillance cameras at the FireArms Range;
• Reworking the shooting stations at the long gun range, to further minimize the possibility of anyone shooting over the berm;
• The installation of a gate at the long gun range, and all appropriate signage;

It is estimated that the corrective measures will be completed sometime in early-mid October, 2020.

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