No Spring Break for Bucky

No Spring Break for Bucky

uThe woman in charge at UW-Madison says she doesn’t regret bringing students back to campus this fall.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank told reporters yesterday that she would make the same decisions all over again if she could. Blank is trying to get her hands around a spike in coronavirus positives at UW-Madison. Blank said the start of the school year is not going according to plan, but she said that students wanted to come back to campus. There have been more than two thousand positive coronavirus tests at UW-Madison since students returned earlier this month.

When it comes to continued changes, Spring Break 2021 is the latest coronavirus casualty at UW-Madison. The school’s Faculty Senate yesterday voted to do away with spring break, in an attempt to control the coronavirus. Provost John Karl Scholz yesterday said he is ‘enthusiastically supportive’ of the decision. The change means students will go to class for the nine days that they were scheduled to have off at the end of March and beginning of April. Classes at UW-Madison will be shifted back one week, now starting in late January. Faculty Senate members say they want to keep students from traveling, and possibly spreading the coronavirus.

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