Biden Visits Kenosha, Meets with Blake’s Family and Civic Leaders

Biden Visits Kenosha, Meets with Blake’s Family and Civic Leaders

It’s a full day for Vice President Joe Biden on his visit to Wisconsin. 

Biden and his wife Jill met with five members of Jacob Blake’s family earlier today including his father, brother, two sisters and his mother who joined by phone.  Three Blake lawyers were also on hand.  Biden is holding a public discussion with business and civic leaders as well as police.  Blake remains hospitalized and paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in the back by Kenosha police ten days ago.


Attending a meeting with community and civic leaders, he says the words of a president matter.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claims the “curtain has been pulled back” on systemic racism and calls this an enormous opportunity for change.

He said he once thought that hate can be defeated but now realizes that “it only hides.”  Biden stressed that the “words of a president matter.”  He suggested that President Trump’s words legitimatize the “dark side of human nature.”  The police shooting of an African-American man prompted violent protests in Kenosha. 

 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden vows to create a White House commission on police violence if he is elected.

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