Biden Plans Visit to WI, Trump Pledges Money to Rebuild

Biden Plans Visit to WI, Trump Pledges Money to Rebuild

Presidential candidate Joe Biden will be in the Badger State to visit Kenosha and also defending his limited travel schedule.


Biden told reporters that includes practicing social distancing.  A day before heading to troubled Kenosha, Wisconsin, Biden said he is consulting with health experts to ensure that his campaign trips are safe and won’t spread the coronavirus.  Biden said he will bring community and civic leaders together in Kenosha to promote healing amid the unrest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.  The former VP plans to boost his campaign travel schedule before November’s election. 

The Democratic nominee announced today he will make his first in-person visit to Wisconsin tomorrow since the cancellation of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.  Biden and his wife Jill will hold a community meeting to talk about the challenges the country faces.  President Trump visited Kenosha yesterday.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern says Joe Biden’s visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin is “too little too late.”

Morganstern told Fox News Democrats have been “ignoring” civil unrest caused by the shooting of Jacob Blake and said the Democratic presidential nominee’s visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin is politically motivated.  He says on the other hand President Trump was just trying to help keep people safe and restore order to the area.  He praised the president for offering resources to quell violence in the streets and says he can’t be blamed for the unrest.

On the other side of the aisle, and after his visit President Trump is offering up financial support to law enforcement and local businesses in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Mike Bower reports.

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